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Welcome to the website of the Victoria Cruising Club (VCC). We are a group of people that enjoy the active boating lifestyle in a club with low dues and high social interaction. We include all kinds of sail and power boats and like to welcome a few new members each year. If your boat is resident in the southern part of Vancouver Island (south of North Cowichan) and you would like to get involved in our club, please contact us via one of the links below.

The Victoria Cruising Club originally started as the Victoria Outboard Club in 1956. Members’ vessels were not very large but they managed to go cruising none the less (complete with small family members and the usual pet).

Around 1970 the Club’s name was changed to the “Victoria Cruising Club”. The Victoria Cruising Club bylaws limit the number of Active Members such that there is a maximum of seventy five boats (owner and mate – so about 150 people) plus any boats of Honorary Life Members. Active members who retire from boating can become Associate Members and continue their social relationships with the Club.

Many of our members are graduates of the Canadian Power Squadron and many belong to various local Yacht Clubs as well.

Regular Club Meetings 2019 at Saanich Community Church, 4566 West Saanich Road Wednesdays 7:00 pm




Dates Cruise / Event Place
Valentine’s Brunch Beach House
5109 Cordova Bay
April Shakedown Cruise Genoa Bay Marina
7th – 9th    
April Butchart Gardens Tod Inlet on Ball (dingy) to Tulips
18th – 20th
May Spring Cruise Saltspring Marina
5th – 7th
May Sound of Music Cruise
(3 day long weekend)
Ladysmith Marina
19th – 22th
June June Cruise Montague Harbour
June Summer Solstice Cruise
(Tues – Thurs 3 nights)
Port Browning Marina
20th – 22th
June 30th to July 3rd Canada Day Victoria Harbour (tentative)
July 4th to ??? Long Cruise 4 or 5 Weeks
 possibly to USA TBA
August Mid Summer Cruise
(Mon – Thurs 4 nights)
Telegraph Harbour Marina
7th – 10th
August Theme Cruise Maple Bay Marina
25th – 27th
September Late Summer Cruise Poet’s Cove Marina
8th – 10th
September Into the Americas Roche Harbour Marina
11th – 13th
September Sundowner Cruise and Sailpast Genoa Bay Marina
22nd – 24th
October Fall Fling Dinner & Dance Royal Victoria Yacht Club

Last updated: December 9, 2022


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